Blogging is an online marketing staple nowadays specially for those people who has business. As we all know, these businesses resorted and focused on social media sites in the recent years for profit gaining. The most popular sites that businesses use are Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Linkedin. The blogging side is kinda neglected because of that. But maintaining a blog can be beneficial to businesses in ways that social media sites can’t do.



Below are the outlined methods regarding the beneficial things from blogging:


1. Blogs are the one which can improve Search Engine Optimization.

Blogs is more on the type of content that search engines look for and they give rewards in terms of good rankings. Why is that?


* Blogs are basically text-based with an interesting image to attract readers.

* Blogs can get crawled by search engine bots faster due to daily/weekly updates of webmasters.

* Bloggers are considered as natural link-builder because of the updates they make on their site.


2. Blogging can add a personal touch.

A person or group of people is the one who manages the blogging site. They communicate directly with loyal and potential readers/customers in a good manner. This is what we call personal touch on blogging. You present something that is important and personal as well for you. Your experiences are being shared with million of people whom you really do not know and yet you share a piece of your life. Personal anecdotes along with business topics are the best because you give a glimpse of your own life to the readers. You can earn respect and eventually become a popular blogger.


3. Blogging can help to build a brand.

In blogging, you can actually create a strong loyalty from the customers because you interact with them and added personal touch as well. Emotional blog posts are also striking because it appeals to the values and emotions of the readers. When writing, you can actually deliver your message directly, clearly and quickly and thus providing a focused message to the target audience. Your blog posts must always stand out from the rest. Provide a unique angle on each and every blog post.


4. Attraction from media.

Even popular and respected media outfit like CNN or BBC and alike digs blog posts. Blog on a particular niche like business is really easy to find on the internet, one click and you can actually read tons of relevant searches. Remember that internet is also a source of information nowadays. Even media people resort to search engine, so it does not take too long to notice your helpful and informative blog. Media is powerful too so it’s better that you update your blog and gain followers/readers and even potential customers.


5. Blog features profitable niches.

When having a business, you must use the niche that is appropriate for the service/product you are offering. In this way, readers will think that you care for their needs and actually offering help to them. Blogging can also reduce the marketing expenses because it’s almost free and can reach a wider and larger audience. Business blog related must also present a blog that connects to the people and interact with them as much as possible.


Social media sites are not the only one you can use to reach audience. Blog is essential because you are building your brand and making it an authority on your chosen field. As you can see, blogs can really help to boost your business. All you need to do is handle it with care and regularly update it with useful information that people need.


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Lisa Monica Parker is a college student who is passionate about writing. She loves to write superior papers for her writing portfolio and dreaming to be a professional writer someday. Lisa is fond of sharing positive thoughts on her Google+.


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Chandra is Science(IT) Graduate & is pursuing his further studies in Science Technology. He is the Founder of Blogging Hits. He loves to write about software's, SEO, Social Media and Technology.
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