Motorcycle Accident

There are few things in life that generate the same sense of exhilaration and freedom as riding a motorcycle. Motorcyclists find it electrifying because the bike moves with them, allowing unobstructed views of the road and scenery as they cut through the open air.

Motorcycles are Thrilling but Risky

These sensations are completely opposite from what drivers of cars and trucks experience as they drive down the road surrounded by metal, restrained by seat belts, and protected by airbags. While the lack of these attributes makes riding a motorcycle more exciting, it also makes it much more dangerous. Image result for Steps to Take When You or a Loved One is Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Motorcycle Accident

Most Motorcycle Accidents are Caused by Other Drivers

No matter how careful a motorcycle enthusiast may be, they may still become involved in an accident due to the carelessness of other drivers. When distracted, some drivers simply do not see the motorcyclist.

Sometimes, motorcycle riders can alter their riding behavior to reduce the chance of a crash. For example, a 2015 study on lane splitting and safety showed that motorcyclists that split lanes in congested traffic are less likely to be struck from the rear.

Motorcycle Accidents are Caused by Other Drivers

Head-On Collisions Most Common

Head-on collisions, however, remain the most common type of accident involving motorcycles and other vehicles. There is little that motorcyclists can do to prevent them.

These accidents typically occur when the driver of the car or truck fails to yield and turns left in front of an oncoming motorcyclist, striking them head-on. Injuries in head-on crashes are usually severe and can lead to permanent disability or death.

Head-On Collisions Most Common

Steps to Take if You or a Loved One Are Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Immediately after the accident, notify the authorities and seek medical attention. If possible, get contact information for the other drivers and potential witnesses as you await the arrival of the first responders. Capture images of the damage and injuries if you have a cell phone or ask someone to do so on your behalf.

In California, state law impacts a careless driver’s responsibility to the injured. Contacting an experienced motorcycle accident lawyer can help you navigate the complex process of making a claim.

Loved One Are Involved in a Motorcycle Accident

Filing an Insurance Claim can be a Lengthy, Detailed Process

Most folks that are involved in an accident find it is very traumatic. Not only are you or your loved ones struggling to recover from injuries and property damage, but it can also be hard to know who you should turn to for advice on how to proceed. Whether or not you’ve been in an accident before, you will likely have a lot of questions to ask the car accident attorneys Los Angeles about the claims process for a motorcycle accident.

Insurance Claim bike

Several Factors Can Affect Your Claim

Legally, you’re not required to have an attorney before filing a claim. Contacting one before you call the insurance companies, however, gives you the benefit of receiving advice from someone that understands the impact state laws and local ordinances have on your potential claim.

Additional factors can affect your ability to receive just compensation. For example, did weather conditions obstruct the driver’s vision? Did the other driver break any law when the accident occurred, such as driving while intoxicated or speeding? Even your bike’s operating condition prior to the accident could affect your claim.

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Since so many factors can impact your claim, an attorney with experience handling these cases can best advise you on how to proceed, and whether any settlement proposal is a fair offer.

Several Factors Can Affect Your Claim

An Experienced Trial Attorney Is a Valuable Ally

A final key point to keep in mind when dealing with insurance companies is to remember that the insurance adjuster’s main priority in handling the claim is to minimize the loss to the insurance company. When you seek representation from a lawyer, your attorney has a legal and moral obligation to put your needs first.

Insurance companies can be reluctant to offer a fair settlement since they are so focused on minimizing loss. If this happens, you may need to file a lawsuit. By seeking advice from an experienced trial attorney early in the claims process, you ensure that they are well-acquainted with your case and prepared to fight for you at trial.



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